The History of the Holocaust

Wayne State University

What gave rise to one of the darkest chapters in human history?

By studying the emotional center of WWII, you will gain a deeper understanding of the history of anti-semitism as well as a lesson in the strength of the human spirit.

In The History of the Holocaust, you’ll reflect on the political, cultural, social, economic, religious, military, and broad historical context in which the extermination of more than five million Jews (and other minority demographics) occurred.

Although it is difficult to look upon such bald faced evil with a scholar’s dispassion, Prof. Howard Lupovitch (Ph.D., Columbia University) pilots this series with great courage and insight. In 22 lectures, you’ll look at disturbing developments of the 19th century and early 20th centuries, including:

  • the pre-modern religious-based hatred of Jews;

  • ultra-nationalist politics and post-war xenophobia;

  • the Nuremberg Laws and Krystalnacht; and

  • The Final Solution.

The mechanization of hatred that made the Holocaust possible raises the bar of unthinkable evil. In our own time, you might wonder how anti-semitism compares with other forms of fear and hatred. Ultimately, remembering the Holocaust affords you the opportunity to recognize and confront the pernicious attitudes that denied so many their common humanity. As you examine the aftermath of the Holocaust, including the founding of Israel, you will do so with clear eyes.

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  • Introduction: Why Study the Holocaust?
  • European Jewry in 1880
  • “The Jewish Question” and the Dreyfus Affair
  • Pogroms and the Ostjuden Problem
  • Jewish Responses to Anti-Semitism
  • The Great War and Its Aftermath, 1914-1921
  • Interwar Europe: Xenophobia, Depression, and the Surge of Anti-Semitism
  • Hitler and the Rise of the Third Reich
  • The Nuremburg Laws and Krystalnacht
  • Ghettoization and the Judenrat
  • Vichy France and the Jews
  • The Hungarian Forced Labor System
  • Einsatzgruppen and the Road to the Final Solution
  • Nazi-Allied States
  • Adolf Eichmann and the Jews of Hungary
  • Resistance and Collaboration
  • Bystanders and Righteous Gentiles
  • Foreign Policy and the Plight of the Jews
  • Liberation and the DPs [Displaced Person Camps]
  • The Nazi Persecution of Women, Roma, and Homosexuals
  • Jewish and Christian Theological Responses
  • The Holocaust and the Post-war World

Professor Howard Lupovitch is Associate Professor of History and Director of the Cohn-Haddow Center for Judaic Studies at Wayne State University. He was educated at the University of Michigan and Columbia University (earning a Ph.D. in History from the latter). Over his career, Prof. Lupovitch has taught at Cornell University, Colby College, the University of Western Ontario, and the University of Michigan, where he was also a fellow at the Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies. Prof. Lupovitch is the author of Jews at the Crossroads: Tradition and Accommodation during the Golden Age of the Hungarian Nobility and Jews and Judaism in World History, and is presently completing a history of the Jews of Budapest

Praise for Howard Lupovoitch

“I have seen Professor Lupovitch speak many times, and every time, I am captivated by his encyclopedic memory and the fervor with which he teaches. His passion for history, Jewish tradition, and the passage of knowledge from one generation to the next is obvious and contagious. Professor Lupovitch’s dedication to teaching has enriched our community and no doubt each community that has welcomed him into their synagogues and classrooms.”
– Rabbi Jennifer Kaluzny, Temple Israel (West Bloomfield, Michigan)

“Prof. Howard Lupovitch is one of the most brilliant and engaging adult educators I have encountered in my more than 30 years of professional and volunteer involvement in lifelong Jewish learning. I have attended hundreds of Jewish history lectures by him over the years and always come away having learned something new and exciting about the topic at hand. Prof. Lupovitch has a large and faithful following among adult learners in Metro Detroit, who flock to his lectures enthusiastically, no matter what the specific topic might be.”
– Nancy Kaplan, Co-founder and coordinator of Eilu ‘ Eilu, a lifelong learning consortium in metropolitan Detroit




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