How it all started

Our story began in 2006 with a bold dream and a rented studio. As distance learning entrepreneurs, we saw technology as the key to democratize learning. The Western university system has long emphasized elitism over equality, research over teaching. By using cutting-edge media, I sought to give the world’s best teachers and lecturers a platform to reach everyone, not only the privileged few.


Welcome to an oasis
of knowledge.

Knowledge is the flame that sparks human progress. Teachers kindle that flame, opening our minds to the world’s possibilities. Have you ever known an educator who helped mold who you are? If so, you understand that nothing can replace great teaching.

Learn for a lifetime, 25 minutes a day

To flourish, your mind needs new inspiration each day. But modern life is busy—it seems like we’re always on the go. That’s why we produce lectures that fit conveniently into your schedule, letting you learn for a lifetime, 25 minutes a day. Turn your daily commute into a classroom with our treasure trove of talks. Enhance your workouts with courses on topics you love. You do you.

A new concept in lifelong learning

Do you recognize the vital role great teachers play? Have you ever wanted to relive your college days, exploring the profound questions of human existence? With Learn25, you can take a front-row seat in the world’s premier lecture halls.

Combining scholarship with lively instruction, our professors enlighten and entertain, engage and inform. Many of their courses include free study guides with outlines, suggested readings, and more. With these resources at your fingertips, you can enhance critical thinking and hold group discussions. Each course is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Enjoy a lifetime of learning.


“I can listen in the car and re-listen over and over. Your presenters are excellent, and I thank you for affording me the opportunity to listen and, hopefully, to act upon the inspirations I receive.”

Joan P.

St. Augustine, FL

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